Our company

Who we are

Fundamentum is an asset management and development company that manages privately owned property investment portfolios with the aim of developing, purchasing and asset managing properties on a contractual basis.

The portfolio under management is spread over commercial, industrial and retail. Our group directors have vast experience in retail development and management especially in previously disadvantaged areas as well as at commuter hubs.

Who We Serve

We aim to consistently deliver superior investment performance and constantly pursuing excellence for our various clients that range from Institutional Investors to high net-worth individuals.

Our Strategic Aim

The strategic aim of the company is to develop, purchase and asset manage properties for the private portfolio as well as to asset manage additional portfolios on a contractual basis. To achieve this we focus on performing at the highest levels and are passionate about our work. We provide customised service and find the best balance of risk and return across all investment styles on behalf of our clients.

Values & Principles

We aim to constantly meet our vision by delivering exceptional service to our consistently meeting their investments needs. Guided by our company culture and a set of principles that ensure we never forget what we stand for, we believe in keeping our business practices simple and easily understood.

Our company

You! Our client

We value our clients and their interests always come first. We have a responsibility to represent each client fairly and equally.


The best solutions result from the ideas and contributions of a diverse team of individuals. Our employees have a strong working knowledge of the business beyond their core responsibilities, and constant open communication between various parties is critical to our success.


We have always valued a culture of openness, mutual dependency and teamwork – because everyone has a voice. An environment where all information is shared leads to better outcomes and fresh minds invigorates our thinking and leads to enhanced performance.


Our long-term success depends on adding sustainable value to our clients’ portfolios. This value isn’t just a major factor of our performance, but also a reflection of the emphasis we place on quality across our business.